Get to know your Euro Fuel Card

Take your fueling experience up a notch, with the Euro Oil Fuel Card. Gain more control over managing your fuel expenses comfortably by getting dedicated customer service round the clock and making easy cashless transactions at selected Euro Oil sites and products.

Where your fuel card is valid

Euro Oil is a rapidly growing OMC with an increasing number of retail sites across Punjab.

Currently, you can use your fuel card at the following locations in Lahore:

  • Euro COCO 1 Power
  • Euro 5 MM Aalam
  • Euro 7 Gujranwala
  • Euro 8 Firdous Market
  • Euro 10 Sundar Industrial Estate
  • Euro 18 Bedian Road
  • Al Aziz F/S Quaid e Azam Industrial Estate

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Who can apply for Euro Oil Fuel Cards?

  • Everyone can apply including individuals, corporate entities, and fleet operators.

2: What if my fuel card is lost?

  • Call on the dedicated 24/7 helpline number 0340-111120 and get your card blocked right away.

3: How can The Euro Oil Fuel Card be valuable to me?

  • Feel secure with cashless transactions

  • Assign efficient budgets for fuel

  • Reduce the risk of pilferage as you track each transaction

  • Get invoices for GST purposes

4: What if my card is not accepted at a Euro fuel station?

The following reasons may apply to your problem:

  • The card’s maximum limit has been reached

  • The card could be specific to a single product or station

  • The card has been blocked

  • In any case, you may call on the dedicated 24/7 helpline for assistance.

5: How can I apply?

  • You can apply online through the website or through an on-site registration form.